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(Cezmi Akdis)

B Cell Immunology
(Willem van de Veen)

Immune Metabolism
(Milena Sokolowska)

Immune Regulation
(Mübeccel Akdis)

Molecular Allergology
(Katja Bärenfaller)

Vaccine Development
(Claudio Rhyner)


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SIAF is providing Ph.D. in the Life Sciences Zurich Graduate School, Microbiology and Immunology Program:

The Life Science Zurich Graduate School consists of nine highly competitive Ph.D. programs. The aim is to attract the most promising young scientists from across the world. The programs offer a comprehensive and challenging Ph.D. education: our tomorrow‘s leaders in life science research.

This PhD program offers a collaborative environment for internationally competitive research in microbiology and immunology. SIAF‘s projects in Life Sciences Zurich Graduate School focus on:

"Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Immune Regulation Allergic Disease".

"Molecular and cellular mechanisms of remodelling and airway injury in asthma: Interaction of tissue cells with the immune system cells"

"Investigation of cellular and molecular mechanisms and the biochemical signals in the immune system, which regulate the normal and the allergic immune responses in humans"

"The mechanisms of generation and activation of effector T cells subsets and T regulatory cells and the biochemical signals that govern these processes"

"Development of allergen-specific immunotherapy vaccines"

"The investigation of the chemical structure and biochemical properties of allergens"

For projects and publications of the last year you can download our annual report

Annual Report 2020

Students will obtain their Ph.D. from either the University of Zurich or ETH Zurich and receive a graded certificate from the program.

The program language is English throughout.

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How to apply

Deadlines for the application are: July 1st, December 1st