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(Cezmi Akdis)

B Cell Immunology
(Willem van de Veen)

Immune Metabolism
(Milena Sokolowska)

Immune Regulation
(Mübeccel Akdis)

Molecular Allergology
(Katja Bärenfaller)

Vaccine Development
(Claudio Rhyner)


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Head: Cezmi A. Akdis
Degree: Prof., M.D.

Phone: +41 (0) 81 410 08 41
E-mail: akdisac(a)siaf.uzh.ch

Group members:
  1. Sena Ardicli
  2. Huseyn Babayev
  3. Paolo D'Avino
  4. Karin Fieten
  5. Anja Heider
  6. Juno Kim
  7. Manru Li
  8. Yasutaka Mitamura
  9. Ismail Ögülür
  10. Yagiz Pat
  11. Beate Rückert
  12. Lili Shi
  13. Na Sun
  14. Sebastian Wawrocki
  15. Duygu Yazici
  16. Peng Xiong
  17. Xueyi Zhu


Immunology / Cellular Allergy

Substantial progress in understanding mechanisms of immune regulation in allergy, asthma, autoimmune diseases, tumors, organ transplantation and chronic infections has led to a variety of possibilities for targeted therapeutic approaches. In chronic allergic inflammation, immune system cells and their cytokines interact with resident tissue cells, which leads to a series of tissue events after the activation, and proinflammatory cytokine.

and chemokine release from both sides. Some of these events seem to be part of the immune pathology, such as basement membrane thickening, epithelial death, desquamation and spongiosis, however, they also act as mechanisms that control the severity of tissue inflammation.


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